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3 poems by Megan Dhakshini

Art by Veikko Vionoja


Here’s to you,

Goddess; Geisha; Girl.

To your heart, an open wound

to your body, a ruthless bloom

to the woman, within it all

who can never choose

to be one,

but must be

it all.


Todays face

is the face of panache.

It took a good 277 days

to make

and fake.

It sits well they say,

you carry it well they say-

I smile, radiant, and say

The panache, its great to carry

but it's heavy

It's heavy

It's heavy.


(In memory of April 21 easter bombings)

We trudge, heavily

through this daylight darkness,

nodding half-heartedly

at blackened people

dropping charred words

onto burned hearts,

watching greyly,

how the un-alive

bury their dead.

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