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Artist Showcase: Krittika Mittal

"A lot of my artworks club from a common theme of finding joy and comfort in everyday things and situations. I think I'm someone who tries to create her own happiness and you'll see it being reflected in my artwork- they're mostly about a single person's perspective. I like to use warm colour palettes and draw things which feel relatable. For example, the idea for the picnic artwork came to me after I started seeing people stepping out during the pandemic and finding respite in these small outdoor gatherings. The artwork with the living room and the chair came from a close observation of how much our generation loves to be surrounded by plants. A lot of the backgrounds are inspired from the current architecture and design aesthetics."

-Krittika Mittal

Lunch Scenes

Floral Arrangements


Cancelled Picnics

Chair in Garden

Check out Krittika Mittal's gorgeous work on Instagram.


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