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Fruit by Niharika Kapil

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

From her to her and her to me

A sown seed, now a tree

nurtured by her and her and me

growing untamed

oh its fruit, so sweet!

The roots held on

through the tempest and drouth

and kept holding on beneath

the ground

and the tree standing tall,

couldn’t see below

the very roots that succored it to grow

From her to her and her to me

the many sarees and the recipes

the everyday things she used and she,

the everyday things, their legacy;

the stories of lost selves, shedding as leaves do

memories like flowers,

blooming momentarily

Hers, hers, and mine

the same frown and the smile alike

and in times when it's just me

the roots still hold together that majestic tree

In the little poems hummed under the silvery moon

the leaves grow back again, and the flowers bloom

And oh the fruit of their labor,

so sweet

I bite into it and find me


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