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Goodbye, 2019: Katya Reyda

I came across Ukraine-based children's book illustrator and plasticine artist Katya Reyda's work on Instagram during Folk Tale Week, and have been a fan of hers ever since. The worlds she creates with plasticine, in particular, have blown my mind for being so intricately created and excessively cute at the same time. Being the inspiration that she has, I'm so glad that Katya took time out from the end-of-year festivities back home in Kiev to answer this Goodbye, 2019 questionnaire via email:

The nicest thing you did for someone in 2019:

In spite of my active participation in the artistic life, I spent a lot of time with my two-year-old son this year. I'm completely immersed in the childhood mood. And this is probably the best I have done for him and for myself ;)

The book that helped you the most in 2019?  

I am like a child, and love books with pictures! :) So I will not talk about some book filled with deep meaning. I'd rather talk my two main books of this year - Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay and Bom-Bom-Bom by Anton Lomaev. Both these books are unbelievable!

The song you heard on loop this year? 

Waltz #2 - Shostakovich. I've heard it before, but this work has an amazing effect. Listening to it, I want to create something incredible! But this is still just a dream :)

The film/TV show you fell head over heels in love with?  I will not be original and admit that I am a crazy fan of Friends. They are with me forever.

Your biggest accomplishment this year? 

Finding so many incredible artists thanks to Instagram challenges.

Your big 2019 lesson/takeaway?  

Enjoy life, and use your full potential as much as possible.

Who are you creative crushin’ on lately?  If I understood the question correctly, then I would say that these are all the artists I've met, united into one Artist, who knows everything, every technique. I rejoice at his successes and at the same time learn a lot from him.

A recent epiphany you've had? Life is too short for trying to do something that others will like. It's better to do what you like. That's all. Like a child.

Any big plans/projects planned for the new year? 

Of course I have big plans for this year :) But I can’t announce them because I believe that it’s not good to speak ahead of time. I can only say that it will be a long project during the summer.

Rate 2019 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being Totally Sucked

It was a clear 8 ;)

Thanks, Katya! Keep creating, and listening to Shostakovich. You make plasticine look better than I've ever seen it! Happy 2020.

Follow Katya's plasticine adventures on Instagram. You're most welcome!


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