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Ground by Chriselle Fernandes

Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White


This place reeks of death

That heady dark afterglow

After the dust has settled

on mutilated bodies

the scavengers choose to ignore

still unmoving but feeding on

opulent rays of the sun

This place feels breezy, not heavy, but tranquil

Just like the butterfly effortlessly

dotting the now high grassed ground

Winged creatures

flutter across marking their presence

settling and nibbling on seeds

scattered on earth

once a bed for the dead

-a herald of morbidity

This place emanates painful memories

Amidst the suspiciously tall greens and delightful flying creatures

Lies a vacant eye that sees time

nestling with the burden of black

on the edge of lightness

and the promise

of a frivolous tomorrow.

Chriselle Fernandes is a writer, poet and an educator. You can read some of her work on @jitterbugsjargon


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