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Hourlies by Laurel Pettitt

Laurel Pettitt on the process of making her Hourlies comic series:

"The internal process during these hourlies is rather rushed and stressful because I am working on the spot, in order to live and draw the events of each quickly passing hour. The panels are spontaneous and sketchy, full of energy. This process offers me the chance to be the most truthful as the hourlies are largely unedited. It also makes me notice what I notice and deem to be important enough to record and communicate.

For my creative practice, I’ve trained myself to keenly observe life, waiting for the moments in existence that capture an atmosphere or feeling or light silliness. This could be something a person, animal, object or space does. In the time and format constraints of these hourlies there is much that is left out and it’s interesting what I chose to keep in as memories marking my day. It also makes me wonder if I live differently while going through this process, because it either happens that I do little, in order to draw, or do lots and the unrecorded hours pile up."

Here's a recent Hourlies that Laurel made:

About the artist:

I’m Laurel Pettitt, an English illustrator living in England. Since I was little, I was always doodling and had my nose deep in books of fiction and so this led me on the path to study illustration at university. My relationship with art and illustration now is very exciting, I’m always looking out for other artists and cartoonists furthering the potential of comics and picture books and collaborating across other artistic mediums. I believe art to be an accessible vessel for truth, to reflect life. I try to create my work as a hopeful mirror to the world and the myriad of feelings and moments within it.

Follow her on Instagram @laurelpettitt_


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