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Illustrated haiku on Love, Intimacy and Erotica

This Haiku x Art collaboration on Love, Intimacy and Erotica was borne out of a call for submissions from the Instagram handle Happy Ingredients. Sudeepti Tucker and Ravneet Bawa share a unique friendship based on the spirit of curiosity and the soul of recklessness. Together, they pushed the boundaries of their comfort levels with their respective art forms through this project, chuckling late into the night about if it was too risqué or not enough? This project is a manifestation of their charged conversations in what they hope is a first of many.

About the artist:

Sudeepti Tucker is an independent artist and illustrator with practices in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. Creating in both analog and digital mediums, her work explores themes of nature, expression and femininity while opening up dialogues about roots, identity and image. In her personal narratives, she explores the complexities of navigating both one’s inner and outer worlds and of the Self, in consonance with nature. Sudeepti has previously collaborated with brands such as Google, Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Cosmopolitan and The Times of India to name a few. Her paintings have been exhibited at art fairs globally and across the country, most recently at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai and Art Basel, Miami.

About the poet:

Ravneet Bawa is a marketing research scholar in Mumbai. She is the host of the conversational poetry podcast ‘Ellipsis’ now in Season 2. She has previously published poetry in The Bombay Literary Magazine, The Bombay Review, Asia Writes, DWL's magazine Papercuts, Coldnoon, Literally Literary and Eksentrika. She was shortlisted for the Poetry Society of India's All India Poetry Competition 2016.

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