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Lockdown Wisdom: 2020

Art via United Nations COVID-19 Response

As one of the year-end features, I decided to pick some of my favorite answers from a question I asked people for Chitthi Exchange: What's a lesson that this lockdown has taught you':

-You can't rush it.

-Coconut milk is a love language.

-Society is running a deficit of love

-Home has unseen corners, now noticed.

-Self discipline is an important part of self love.

-Accept the uncertain.

-Anything that seems like a lot is actually not.

-Our life on this planet is just a mirage.

-To keep chocolate ice cream in the fridge AT ALL TIMES.

-"Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight"

-The world can be a kinder place than we know, even when it’s going up in flames. Both hope and despair forever coexist.

-That time heals everything

-Focus more on doing rather than planning

-Do more outside.

-There's always room for unlearning and learning.

-Live in this moment and love yourself boundlessly

-Never stop learning. Be kind to each other and look after each other.

-Just start working on your skills as soon as you can

-You cannot pour from an empty cup

-I can't live without her.

-Consistency is the key

-Follow your gut.

-Surprises can be bittersweet

-I'm less self-sufficient than I thought I was

-I’m not as much of an introvert as I’d assumed.

-Work from home is the greatest human discovery

-Bad times don't last forever.

-Most lost opportunities can turn into silver linings, keep your eyes peeled.

-Control is an illusion, it's good to let go sometimes

-Life is too short to survive without an oven

-There is a huge system of human beings working to support our daily lives and it is immensely important to empathise with them. Empathise, not sympathise.

-Home is not a place, it is a feeling.

-Necessity is the mother of Invention

-Everybody needs somebody

-There are way bigger problems in the world than what I go through.

-We should be close to nature

-We need people in our lives.


-Time is gold

-My daughter was, is and will always remain my biggest strength and weakness.

-Saving is very important

-You could miss pizza more than you miss people.

-Build yourself every day.

-Withdrawal is also a form of growth.

-A pause can be life changing

-Never be overly attached to your plans

-You've always got time if you just figure how to spend it

-You can never read too many books

-Be brave to ask for help.

-Respond, don’t react.

-I need to be kinder to myself

-Generation gap is real.

-You have no control on the lemons life gives you!

-i need to make better use of my privilege

-Grow your own food

-Don’t carry your past

-A hug can make things better

-Time is relative


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