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Longer Holiday Lists by Rahana K Ismail

Man at Desk, Photograph by Josef Koudelka

Longer Holiday Lists

Gathering twigs to make a tree

homes to make a train

trills to make it sing

enough water to make pine

need a hand

enough sunburns to brown

longing in

taming seas to slow a flake


to make a woman

distance throwing things

into relief

into restless assumptions

of distance

pulsing apart

into Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut

at the door

gull-grey refrigerators proffer

her wet palm a blue vein spider

still looking for a cove

in ageing

wine sill softer days

the A/C still dripping

in drops the radius

of longing

in holiday lists

About the poet:

Rahana K Ismail is a left-hander, a poet, and a doctor from Calicut, Kerala. Her work has been featured in nether Quarterly, Usawa Review, Verse of Silence, EKL Review, the Chakkar, and elsewhere. She gets lost in trails of bird seeds, a lack of snow-sprites, and wintering thoughts. For her, winter is a box or many asymptotic lines longing for an end. You can find her on Instagram

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R.K. Pambur
R.K. Pambur
03 thg 3, 2022

Its awesome 🌹... Best wishes Dear.. Write more🌹

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