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Micro-poem by Deepa Gopal


The chilly morning soaked up The grief that lay in tears— Wrapped in mist Beading up one by one— The shards that lay frozen In time— Hibernating Recuperating Evolving— Into something new.

About the poet/artist:

A visual artist and a creative writer, Deepa Gopal is currently based in Dubai. Author of the blog, Hues n Shades, she did her Masters in English Language and Literature. A self-taught artist, her works are often “mindscapes” - an introspection into the emotional and the psychological. She likes to engage with dreams, myths and visions. Art is quite meditative and reflective and breathes life into her. Her art and poems have appeared in several exhibitions across India and UAE and in anthologies like “Whispering Poiesis”, “Beyond Words”, “The Kali Project”, “Through the Looking Glass: Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within”, “But You Don’t Look Sick” and “Timeless Inspirations”. She also curated the online exhibition of art and poetry – “IGNITE-from within the confines-“ in 2020. “I art, I write and therefore I am,” is her motto. You can find her on Instagram: @dee.huesnshades or visit her blog.


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