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My heart is a 1bhk apartment by Suhasini Barman

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Art by Edgar Degas

My heart is a 1bhk apartment

the living room is brimming with laughter, friends in arms, parents, young and shiny, watching over us. oh, how we laugh and cry at the same things.

the bedroom has this bully I fell in love with, his cheeky smile and twisted sense of humor but honestly, I'd sell my soul for this mad love of mine.

the washroom mirror has seen it all. the good days and the bad ones, smirking away to the quirks of life.

and the kitchen is our glorious stop gap. people rushing in, rushing out. some fills the soul and the rest, helped grow.

My heart is a 1bhk apartment.

Bio: Suhasini is a lover of flowers and records. Runs a small-ish company of her own. Has managed to pen down a poetry book, coming out really soon. Read her earlier poems on The Alipore Post and Naughty Banana.


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