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Ocean of uncertainty by Anee Muskan

Photo by Dorka Raynor

Submerged in the ocean of uncertainty

I hear the wailing piercing the thin walls of my room

What lies beyond these walls might be a living corpse wailing and begging for sanctification

My bleak room and its purged walls induce a sense of security within me

I glance outside the murky walls of my room

And the empty streets and the shadowed sky chants about the great loss

The roaming wind foretells that seal of thunder has broken

The air is laced with the wailing of this empty and silent world

These empty streets weep for the ashes of those who were buried silently

The parade of the remotely isolating beings howling for their loved ones rages like an anthem

The wailing air begs for redemption as it poisoned the children and they shattered into flames

The sky is loaded with audience to witness this slaughter

Submerged in this ocean of purity of chemicals I wail for the corpse dying in the room next to mine

I shout eulogies so that the wailing air might carry my goodbyes

Submerged in this ocean of uncertainty, I beg for mercy

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