Parts of a Poem by Tanya Singh

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Art by Samresh Shrivastava

This is the part of the poem  where I tell you to pay the gas bill, the water bill and get eggs.  On Saturday I will text you and tell you I will come early to M’s event so I can avoid the morning traffic.  I will leave a measured kiss on your cheek 

This is the part where I will make you green tea instead of coffee  I will eat your admonishments about nagging, I will tuck your complaints behind my ear like a flower. Your sweet words will hang overhead like dazzling disco ball. 

This is the part of the poem where  I will arrange our drawers and  you will read my diary from 2014.  Your dusty kurta will lay on your body like a lover.  You will pick an old lip liner  And run your lips along my neck.  Here, you will casually throw the word love  in the air and I will let it decorate  my forehead like a moon. 

This is the part of the poem where  I will tell you that I am a collector of you.  But I inquire only about the prices of tomatoes,  bananas, onions and shimla mirch.  I will delicately slice them into a universal language  But you are leaning against the wall  disappearing into thoughts.  I will ask you about the bills and you will  move your bangles carelessly to wave my enquiry off. 

In the dark house that night your bangles  will clink against the mattress  as you will restlessly try to fall into A blueprint of a latent dream,  This is the part where I will  tell you  summer is languidly stretching itself  over in our houses and  in our beds, amongst our things in us.


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