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Quarantine Art: Anushka Tendolkar

"As a person, I'm super impulsive and experimental with everything that I do and I guess that pours into my work as well. Over the years, I have tried out a lot of mediums and styles to express myself and I'm still evolving. Currently, I'm enjoying the world of 3D using just basic forms to create different compositions and characters that reflect a part of my brain which loves bright colours and everything cute!

I'm a proud environmentalist and try to do everything I can on an individual level (like giving up meat!) to raise awareness and reduce my own carbon footprint on a daily basis. I hope to continue contributing with my service as a designer and artist in whatever way I can to help anybody around the world, even if it means bringing a certain level of joy through my work in these stressful times."

-Anushka Tendolkar

Social Distancing
Taking Netflix and Chilling all day quite literally these days 🤷
This little grump is totally unamused with the lockdown extensions

Anushka Tendolkar is a 23-year-old communication designer with a keen interest in illustrations who is now exploring the world of UI/UX and 3D. Originally from Mumbai, she recently moved to Bangalore for work.

Follow her work on Instagram here.


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