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Quarantine Art: Thais Vanderheyden

About the QuarantineMama series:

"As a mom of four, and an illustrator and writer of children’s books, I kept a daily diary of drawings of these unique and strange quarantine days. I guess many will recognise scenes from their own life with toddlers and kids. It all started in March when our country Belgium -like the rest of the world- went into lockdown. I totally freaked out at the thought of schools being closed for weeks, maybe months!

Combining four kids (Bob, Morris, and twins Pepa and Colette) with a full agenda of deadlines isn’t an ideal situation. But I’m still alive, my hair looks wild, I took some pounds and I must admit I had more then a few goods laughs with my bunch. From day one of this quarantine, I made a daily drawing at the breakfast table. A lot of it really happened (like the FaceTime incident with the teacher!), some of it was just thoughts that crossed my mind. I posted them on my Instagram and got like tons of messages of working moms and dads who recognised themselves in the drawings. So I kept going. I hope you enjoy it too! You can follow the diary on Instagram with the hashtag #thaisvanderheyden."

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