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Every Time I Love You by Nabina Das

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Art by Aishwarya Khoche

Thus spring begins: old stupidities repeated, new errs invented

~ Issa

I'm really hopeful

that's why I keep

your initials as my

password, your name

like the rhythm of rain

or spring's pollen

fallen a little skewed on

our skin -- wouldn't hackers even fail on this algorithm?

I told you I'm clumsy

instead of biting

your lip (our man Vatsayana

said, get the lower one!)

during that moment

when we swap positions

I snip your nose and you

cannot squirm

for someone's in

the room and might be

listening -- revenge, I whisper, for that bite on mine

It's dark in the room

and I'm shameless

instead of looking

for the light switch, my

my hands press

and awaken you

light only light

running through the veins

the white walls -- drapes over, wait for daylight soon

Of course I'm in love

but I don't know

what love means

is it as good

as a warm shower, morning

swim, getting lost,

walking barefoot on grass?

yet every time I love

I know what it

means -- another spring

a new round of follies

imagining someone

in front of me -- your face, chin hair, dark cocoa of the skin


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