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Soliloquy by Swati Moheet AgrawalI

Photograph: Self-Portrait with Mirrors, Ilse Bing

I wonder how many people is a person in a day?

It arouses my curiosity to know the many selves

we inhabit within a day.

Do we masquerade under layers and layers of artificial niceties?

If we could be anything we wanted without consequences

what would we be?

Would we still rely on shelters of money, class and tradition

to save ourselves?

Or drop the veil to reveal the monsters napping inside our heads?

Every waking moment of our lives

we have one foot in the abyss

and the other steeped in fantasy.

Outside the cloistered environs

boundaries cease to exist

no collisions, no silhouettes,

we go on dreaming

just a little longer, just a little longer.

But it’s stifling,

the bottomless abyss, the sepulchre catacomb,

the key turned on us forever.

Swati Moheet Agrawal is a poet and writer based in Mumbai, India. Her work has appeared in The Spring City, Potato Soup Journal, Cogito Literally Journal, The Criterion, The Dribble Drabble review, The Pangolin Review, Mad Swirl, Ariel Chart, Café Dissensus, Modern Literature, Setu, Kitaab, Active Muse and is forthcoming in Sledgehammer Lit, Thimble Lit Mag, Chasing Shadows Magazine and Muse India. Follow her on Twitter @ MoheetSwati and Instagram @ swatiwhowrites.


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