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The Alipore Post Poetry Archive

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I'm delighted to share the poetry collections by everyone who wrote all 30 poems written during The Alipore Post Poetry Month. Click the individual name to view the collection:

Crown Shyness by Rohini Kejriwal

Gathering Scarlet by Dhruvi Modi

Restless by Shailja Gusain

Flourishing by Ruhan Rudeep

April Musings by Rohan A

NaPoWriMo Compilation by Shrutee Choudhary

Home by Indrani Samajpati

Liquid Imagination by Smriti Choudhary

Musings by Prerana Manker

Fragments by Ritvik Tangirala

Summer Snowflakes by Anshi Akanksha

A Piece of Me by Ambreen Saniya

Broken Crayons Still Color by Shalaka Kulkarni

So it grows by Asmaani Kumar

Another April Ends by Soumya Hegde

Homeward Bound and other poems by Vinitha Ramchandani

30 Days of Tvara by Tvara Srivastava

Poetry and April by Sagar Singh

Of Journeys & Other Ways to Get Lost by Sunil Bhandari

Syllables in Exile by Riya Roy

A village in my head by Varun Pande

Contemplating in Spring by Amulya Sankara

Arriving Somewhere by Shlagha Borah

An Anthology of Poems by Sanskrati Tiwari

20 in 30 by Ayushi Kesarwani

Poetry in the time of a Pandemic by Saniya Zehra

Just Happened Over Chai by Faiza Ahmed

suddenly, fireflies by Kriti Dhanania

A Beginning by mudandmist

The Alipore Post Poetry Month by Shravani Sawant

The April Solace by Shreyas Gadge

Scribbles in April by Amit Charles

Vestiges of April by Nivedita Rao

An April of Poetry by Neville Kumar

Longing of a Flower by Hetvi Shah

Virtuality to Reality by Deepali Khurana

Sighing out loud: A collection of poems by Komal Sarode

NaPoWriMo 2020 by Aishvarya Parameswar Iyer

Thoughts of a Caged Sapien by Vama Shah

Flow with Flaws by tilyheo

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