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The Earth Carer's Guide to Climate Change: Katha x The Alipore Post

These are bleak times we're living in, and compassion for each other, and this planet we share, is the need of the hour. Presenting The Earth Carer’s Guide to Climate Change! by Katha Books, a book that will encourage you to show compassion and care towards the only home you have: Planet Earth.

Here are some of my favorite pages from the guide, which has informative pages, illustrations, poetry, pages to colour in, legends and stories, and more! Recommended reading for ages 10+.

The northern lights

put on a show in the polar sky.

They pranced,

they danced, kept us entranced, a whirlwind up high.

The colours streamed

in blues and greens

with rosy red rays.

-Kalli Dakos

Informative pages from the book create awareness on climate change among kids

Focus on the solution, not on the problem.

Get The Earth Carer’s Guide to Climate Change! on Katha Books.


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