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the radiator by Priyadarshini Gogoi

Artwork by Vincent van Gogh

the radiator

is a noisy animal

growling in the corner

shaking with a feral heat

i wonder if it minds

being tied up here

instead of about

on the street

i bet it would rather

be wagging up a storm

while licking up the sun

in this most wintry weather

in fact, i bet

it would not regret

the house to itself

than play a pet

to these trembling fools

huddled together

drinking their soup

in their ugly ass sweaters

About the poet:

Priyadarshini Gogoi is a poet and writer from Assam, India. Her writing has been published on platforms such as The Shoreline Review, The Nether Quarterly, The LiveWire, etc. She is also the author of four children's picture books, with a couple more in the pipeline. Several children have told her that she’s cool. Sometimes she writes as @shinogogo


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