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The Sea by Mitsu Sahay

Art: Gustave Courbet

Living very close to the sea also draws you closer to the sky. I have grown aware of the different hues it can hold at different points of the day, or within a few minutes. The wind which sweep the clouds from one corner to the other, the number of birds increasing or decreasing, and the entire rotation of the Earth through the Sun; getting your mind to witness all this is therapeutic because it tells you of how the easily missed can still keep its form and beauty intact for a million years. Three weeks into living in a city with unpredictable rains, I can now tell at any given point whether it will pour on that day or not, just by looking at the sky. This drop worth of skill does not make me wise in the ancient arts, but certainly moves me closer to where we come from, and where we go back to. Perhaps, the waves can be our teachers in this.

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