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Turn left for nostalgia by Chethna Menon

There was a dream land I used to go hide in.

One where clocks went the other way, but time somehow stood still. 

I used to wear colours made from clouds right before they stormed over the seas. 

I moved to music that brought back the dead for one last dance. 

I sat alone in theatres that played that one movie scene from a childhood memory.

I laughed so much i was afraid someone would finally hear me.

I stood in the middle of glass halls whilst a forest grew outside. 

I sat next to a herd of elephants whilst they showed me how to tame a waterfall. 

I escaped here when i was a kid.

Endless seas, pale sands and towering cliffs of moonlight green. 

Decades later, I'm back here. On a Monday morning. 

Simply because nostalgia decided to be that friend that pops out of nowhere, pretending like you both didn't have a horrible fight a few years ago. 

It was a dreamland. 

It was a dream.

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