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Warmth by Ila Railkar

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Artwork by Vibha Surya

Warmth by Ila Railkar

Winter mornings

Pink nose and cheeks

Sleeping in without a care for school

In the embrace of bear rugs

In afternoons

The piping hot taste

Of freshly baked bread burns my mouth

Giggles all around

Dark evenings

Book and cat curled up in lap

Before family and friends from afar

Bring gifts of joy and cheer

At midnight

When all is quiet

I muse, deep in my hot chocolate

How cold winter leaves me warm

About the artist:

Vibha Surya is an independent illustrator and designer from Chennai. She predominantly works on children's book and occasionally on brand & identity. She can be found on Instagram at @paperbugs_17

About the poet:

Ila Railkar is a Mumbai based doctor and is a poet by passion. Her work has appeared in The Indian Express, LiveWire, and The Indian Cultural Forum. She can be reached on Instagram at @languagesarelyf


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