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Weekly Edition #1

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Art by Regina Rivas

Living Alone by Elizabeth Burk is easy, no one telling you what to do or when to do it

no one questioning why you’re eating M&Ms so early in the morning

or peeling a potato with your fingernails instead of a knife

no one watching you forget to screw the top back on the coffee maker

or put the glass pot under the spout, spraying coffee all over the kitchen

no one asking what’s for dinner as you walk through the door no one there

to see that living alone is as easy as landing on the moon

every night, looking to claim your place on an empty planet

with every tentative weightless step you take.


Other poems I enjoyed this week: (Read the full poem in the link)

"Most of these kids have yet to try sushi, haven’t left the country to taste the world, still gravitate toward boxed macaroni and cheese, but someday they might turn on the TV to see you eat some strange food, and witness the uneasy thrill of trying, trying, trying something new."

"I will walk home alone with the deep alone,  a disciple of shadows, in praise of the mysteries." -I’m Going to Start Living Like a Mystic by Edward Hirsch

"my mother still mutters whenever she remembers where we lived, reciting then her one life sentence of overlush underbrush, neighbor trash, shoddy farms and fallen fences"

-The Sticks by Todd Boss "It’s begun: The papers print the same stories over and over, and have you checked the obituaries? Already, nobody remembers how their first kiss went."

"I like invisibleness,  except in the moon’s strong,  broad rays. Some nights,  I ask her paleness, Will I be okay?"


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