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When mothers die by Gauri Juneja

Art by Shuchi Satyavanshi

When mothers die

It’s one of those cosmic wrongs

A mother dying

Being an agent of God and all

The kind of wrong that

Cleaves mountains down the middle

Splits the sky wide

Sends tides crashing against rocks

But when it happens

Amid hushed hallways

In an island of disinfected whites

Where nature hasn’t

the permission to rage

The amplitude is swallowed whole

forced into the veins

Of the ‘next of kin’

Their nerves forever charged

With the volts of lightning

That the sky owed

Their arteries pulsing

With the anguished tides

From a distant sea

Forever condemned

To be ravished by thunder

Nowhere to hide

From flood, fire, act of God

Forever condemned

To carry within

Their own annihilation

About the artist:

Shuchi's paintings refer to a woman who is chaotic, and vulnerable in her own self; naked because there is no layering in her thoughts, giving the viewer an unsettling experience. She makes works when she feels depressed, allowing the plethora of emotions she encounters to inadvertently becomes the concept of her paintings. She fills her paintings with the things people go through - the struggle, extreme emotions, and how you look normal but have ample amount of pain inside. She hopes to create awareness about mental illness through her work. Follow her on Instagram @shuchi.satyavanshi


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