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Winter x Healing

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Art by Shreyasi Das

Winter by Gayatri Hingorani

When we entered the winter of our relationship, nothing made sense.

Conversation looked like snowflakes falling aimlessly.

Love smelled like napthalene from an old sweater.

Lust felt like chapped lips on a chilly evening.

Togetherness tasted like hot cocoa gone cold.

We waited for the season to change,

But our hearts didn't care to orbit.

Grow by Maure Nava

she grows seeds,

singing her agony

pouring her ichor

feeding he flesh

from the chest – she

once cut opened

‘n cried into

Season to just be by Paulomi Chakraborty

It's the season to just be,

So take it a little easy.

Wrapped in the scent of mothballs,

Hole yourself up in your four walls.

Light up your hearth,

Warm up your heart,

It's time to take things slowly,

And take a break from reality.

And if you're not ok, it's fine,

Today you might feel a bit queasy,

But it'll be alright in time,

Healing is never easy.

Soak up the sunshine,

It's all going to be fine,

For spring will be here soon,

Singing its lively tune.

For now, breathe in the chill,

And let your busy head fill,

With all that's warm and fuzzy,

After all, it's the season to just be.

Winter by Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla

Burry the ashes of your broken heart-

in a Quadra rose plant

dig the soil- with both your hands

let the tears, flow right through

they say it’s a dark moon ritual

cutting the cord-from the source

sometimes there’s no other way to closure

but healing- the wound within-

and in the end- when you sit up and notice

all the pain sweetens the air

like the morning bird song.

to your prejudice by Nidhi Chhamb

I say and say and say and say

To breathe out all of it

Words. Gutting Words.

Back from two Decembers ago.

Somewhere on the face of the earth

I hope that you’re vexed each time that I say And remove the heavy chokes

To make room for fresh feelings.


I see that your orange has blossomed into envy While mine still refuses to forget the joy that we felt On a checkered and warm afternoon

In a green winter that swarmed with wreaths & buntings. Yet, I continue to keep on saying,

Until your sails are forced off my shore.

And I’m free till when again?

winter chapters by Yana

i put on a coat

and sit outside , on my porch

even though it’s very cold , i like it

you see, i like winters

unlike so many people i know

who’s winters are equivalent to blues

winters to me are healing

even though the cold freezes my bones

how would i know the feeling of warmth without it

how would i know what it feels like

to have hot chocolate slide in

when your body is numbing down

the feeling of warmth reviving you

filling in the sad blues

how would you know joy

if melancholy didn’t once haunt you

About the artist:

Shreyasi Das is a Textile Poet and Animation Artist of South Asian descent, living and working in the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Coast Salish people (colonially known as British Columbia, Canada). Shreyasi believes in the power of therapy and transformation through art, with a focus on healing her own chronic illness and participating in environmental stewardship. Find her work on her website or Instagram @art_of_ezdee

About the poets:

  • Maure is a writer and poet who lives for iced latte with cream, especially caramel. Poetry is his kneel down reward, praise, preach, worship, gratitude to what he feels. Follow him on Instagram @maure_nava

  • Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla is an award-winning poet, translator, and French teacher from Mumbai. She is the author of two poetry collections, Invisible Eye and The Empress. Her poem won a special mention award by Architectural Journalism and Criticism 2020. She won the Panorama Special Jury Award at the Panorama International Literary Awards 2020. Her poem was shortlisted by Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT). Her poem won first prize at The New Normal Poetry competition by Poetry Paradigm, Oxford Bookstore, and Exceller Books. She has won the Rahi Kadam Inspiration Award 2021. She lives in Mumbai with her husband, teenage daughter, four potted plants and deck of candid tarot cards. Follow her on Instagram @gayatri_chawla

  • Gayatri Hingorani is a part of the corporate grind but enjoys creative writing in the rare free time she gets. This is the first time she is letting her poetry out in the world. You can find her on Instagram @gayatri_h and @verse_off

  • Paulomi is an introverted business analyst with a penchant for traveling, reading, kpop, anime, and occasionally writing while getting lost in her thoughts. She believes the right words have a healing and transformative effect on people. You can find her at @paulomireads and @amipaulomi

  • Nidhi is a postgraduate student at the Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. She believes that poetry has saved her during the pandemic and therefore engages with it to make sense of what she's been feeling. One of her poems was recently featured in the ROPES Literary Journal. You can send her links for poetry pages and podcasts @nidhichhamb on Twitter.

  • yana is a young poet from bangalore. she began writing poetry during the pandemic and found herself completely and madly in love with it. since then, her work has been published in more than four anthologies and featured on several e-magazines. follow her work on instagram @doityanaa


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