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Workshop Alert: An Introduction to Gratitude Journaling by Mindful and Body

June 10th, 7.30pm IST

There are many ways to think about gratitude, even in the middle of a global pandemic.

Next Wednesday, join us for an hour and a half workshop of guided gratitude journaling, as we explore and put into practise this incredibly powerful tool for joy, mindfulness and maintaining perspective.

I had the pleasure of attending Sheena's workshop in May. I've been continuing the practice of gratitude since then, and already feel a positive, more intuitive flow of thought to the page. It’s a subtle inner shift, and I hope more people get to try and experience it for themselves.

The Alipore Post is thrilled to be partnering with Mindful and Body for this workshop. Sheena will conduct the session, while I curate and put together some Gratitude poems for you to keep with you.

The workshop will take place on Zoom. June 10th, 7.30pm IST | Rs 500 per head

To register, write to or DM @mindfulandbody on Instagram.


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