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22 Lessons from 2022: Rohini Kejriwal

A list of lessons and takeaways from 2022 by Rohini Kejriwal, Founder, The Alipore Post

Everything, Everything (2020) Henrietta Harris

  1. Nature is a portal into oneself. Spend more time in it.

  2. A good kiss can turn a bad day around.

  3. Remember to take a step back during a crisis. Reframing the perspective and (re)writing your own narrative is essential for growth.

  4. You’ll figure it out. -S

  5. Take life one day at a time.

  6. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Clean up the mess and move on. The past isn’t worth messing up your present or future for. It’s gone, and ain’t coming back.

  7. Make time to sit in the sun every morning. You end up sleeping better. - M

  8. Mental health problems don’t just go away. Stop emotional dumping on people who care about you and get a therapist already.

  9. Hold on to the people who see you as who you are and help you embrace your authentic self. Life’s too short to put on a farce. Be real.

  10. Learn to make that one favorite dish your mother cooks for you. Write down the recipe for posterity. Prepare it for yourself on a bad day and feel at home.

  11. You may have 127574 things to do today but you won’t get anything done unless you prioritise, prioritise, prioritise.

  12. Embracing uncertainty is like dancing with life. It’s all about moving one step at a time, leading or being led, and finding your footing when the time comes.

  13. The universe works in mysterious ways. Leave room for mystery in your life.

  14. Asking for help does not make you less than. It only makes you human.

  15. Carry your own water bottle around and fill it as you go. Plastic is evil.

  16. Notion is the best tool ever. It’s changed my life. (Here’s a Free Weekly Tracker Template to get you started)

  17. Have a balanced diet in life, be it in terms of nutrition, the company you keep or what you watch / read / listen to.

  18. Live intentionally, and don’t let distractions take you away from your chosen path. Strive for a choice-based identity and existence.

  19. Nobody asked for your unsolicited advice.

  20. Love and let love.

  21. You do not need to be a poet to lead a poetic life.

  22. You are enough.

P.S. What lessons would you add to this list? Let me know :)


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