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Lamenting on life in lockdown by Karan Khosla

Rain Lilies

Lamenting on life in lockdown

Sitting around

mending my old ways

monotony and the constant lull

daily trepidation;

a repetition

uncomfortable. absolute. stillness.

as I stare out of my cage

for a glimpse of life

I’ve got a new mask to hide behind

better than all the others I’ve tried

weirdly connected virtually

still pretty vacant inside

brushed away like dusty expectations

but it’s alright because you know

from here on you must ascend alone

When the lights are off

and I’m in my bed

mask off but I’m not scared

I allow myself to feel

for I am allowed

a diffused disarray of distant dreams

in tomorrow's cloud

the sleep is light

the sun's already taken over

my bed feels larger than it used to be

and there’s plenty of space

for another face

Perspective too

cus death can happen in an instant

mother and father are older

the mirror doesn't tell me this

but i've aged too

the end of my 20's

spent trapped in a zoo

aimless efforts to fill up the day

I'd try to stay productive

but i can't find the time

when i have so much of it

That’s the thing with stunned stillness

elastic yet paralysing

like a gong struck into sudden dissonance

silence carries so much sound

when no one’s really around

a collective alienating daze

lifetimes have passed

in just ninety days

~ khos ~



Video shot by Karan Khosla (@thekhos)

Edited by Amrit Ramakrishnan (@amritr_93)

Music composed by Zahaan Khan (@zanuski)

Layouts in black and white by Akshay Gite (@akshyasic)


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Steele Nickle

That’s the thing with stunned stillness elastic yet paralysing backrooms game

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