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Recommended Reading: A Poem a Day by Gulzar

A Poem a Day is a volume of Indian poetry like no other, selected and translated by Gulzar, one of India's most renowned and respected poets. This prestigious volume showcases 365 memorable poems a poem for every day of the year written over the seven decades since Independence by some of the leading poets of the Indian Subcontinent.

Originally written by some 279 poets in 34 Indian languages (including Hindi, Urdu and English), the poems appear in bilingual versions: in English and in Hindustani, as translated by Gulzar himself. This wonderful selection, personally chosen by Gulzar and featuring the work of poets from the north, south, west and east of India, as well as the North-East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, presents a kaleidoscopic view of history, human experience and poetic expression since 1947. A true collectors' item, A Poem a Day belongs on the shelf of any litterateur.

Here are some poems from the immersive collection that I enjoyed reading:

Order the book A Poem a Day by Gulzar (HarperCollins) here. It's a must-have for all poetry lovers!


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