The Alipore Post x Speaking Tiger: These Were My Homes by Vijay Nambisan

Nobody writes with an assuring sense of tenderness as Vijay Nambisan did. I recently spent an afternoon with the late Nambisan reading his posthumous collection These Were My Homes by Speaking Tiger. It made for a unique set of poems, some full of ironical observations about life, others flavoured with a taste of longing, on death, grandparents, alcohol and ducks. I stopped many a time to take notes and refill my cup of tea, and can't wait to read more of his writing, to appreciate his mastery over the language and form.

Here are five poems from the collection that I enjoyed reading very much:

This is the final curation as part of the collaboration between Speaking Tiger.

Get the collection These Were My Homes by Vijay Nambisan here.


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