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Winter by Ishita Mehta

"For me, winter has been a season portraying time between light and dark, between ease and perseverance. I have wandered around these cities during the winter season specifically, some were work trips and some personal trips.

I hope when you look at these photos, you can feel what I felt while capturing them, the warmth of one's home and how curious I felt. In their depth of distinctive features, many of these figures blend into their landscapes, becoming, as it were, almost natural phenomena. Cycling, ladies walking/staring into the void, dry plants, the fog around the mountains, empty road, a son (maybe tired of working, longing to find some solace), the beautiful bird that almost died in the cold water, the man who was running with a light sweater, my nana who loves to walk at 5 am in the morning at Fateh Sagar lake, my friend who wore his denim jacket in November because it was his girlfriend's jacket. I love capturing the rawest moments, I feel photography is all about it :)" -Ishita Mehta

About the artist:

Every time I turn on my camera, I only want to capture a story. An untold tale, captured in its rawest form. Taking the time to eavesdrop on a conversation and notice the nuances of its features.

When it's too cold to spend much time outside, the crowded streets, empty buildings, and lonely highways can provide a welcome distraction. Almost all of these figures blend into their landscapes, becoming almost natural phenomena.

I took these photographs while traveling in the winter season of the last two years without intending to create art. Whether as a result of loneliness, excitement, or even a completely accidental feeling, these emerged. I managed to capture memories, something to cherish throughout the winter and perhaps forever as well? This was the year like no other, through my eyes just for you!

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