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Cyborgbay, 1997 by Varun Gupta

About the series

In the pursuit to envision a universe of old and the futuristic times, Cyborgbay Universe was born. A hypothetical city of Bombay in 1997 filled with cyborgs and robots. It is a take on a multi period representation using AI. A new door of possibilities.


About the artist:

Varun Gupta is a visual storyteller who walks, talks, breathes cinema. He has written and directed films (ad, shorts) , reimagined video covers of songs while heading a boutique creative content agency, “We Create Films”. He has studied animation and is self taught in cinema. He aspires to be a poet of the truest sense of the cinematic universe. Follow his work on Instagram @aalsiyoulater

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defeated hapless
defeated hapless
Jun 13

The Cyborgbay universe is impressive with its carefully crafted and classically styled image of a fictional city of Bombay in 1997 filled with robots and robots. A quite unique and impressive story for viewers. geometry dash subzero

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