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Rangmachines by Prateek Arora

"Rangmachines were very popular in India in the 1990s. The advent of cable television was accelerating social change in the suburbs, and the personal computing revolution was imminent. Even as the kids rebelled and began to chase gleaming hypercapitalist fantasies, their parents sought comfort in nostalgia and the folksy technicolor aesthetics that reminded them of their childhood.

An entrepreneur from Lucknow sensed an opportunity at the intersection of these phenomena, and LRC - Lucknow Rangmachines Corporation was born. The premise was simple - talk to the machine, write to it your hopes and dreams and greatest fears, and it would play you a film. A film that was one of a kind, played only once, only for you.

No one but the founder of LRC, a filmmaker who was once a sensation in Mumbai, but had suddenly returned to his ancestral mansion in Lucknow, only to emerge years later with this incredible invention - knew how it worked.

This is a small selection of their products:

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