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2 late night poems by Mihir Chitre

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It’s Okay

To wake up

In the middle of the night

And start brushing

Your memory or picking

Your brains on where you lost

Your favourite keychain

Seven years ago

In that cold overflowing lane

Or what the symbol carved

On your college bench stood for

Or on which floor was the balcony

Where a woman puffed her age away

Every time you rode up the flyover

In residual winters

It's okay

To find out that life

Like space-time isn't flat

And gravity here is created

Not by objects but by their absences

Which compel you to orbit them

As long as you live

It's okay

To think you'll turn lonelier than yesterday

To go to hell with optimism

And drape in the season's dark

It's okay

To deduce once in a while

That god is the biggest tragedy

The world has never seen

A 2.31 AM Whisper

The new house has parked itself

in the dingy basement of my mind.

The wooden bookshelf smells like Marquez's bitter almonds.

Unrequited is the only kind of love, I tell myself.

Facebook corrects me instantly like Mrs. Augustine.

Pictures of newly married couples at Khar Social

or Olive or Fable are flecked with clichés

like "You gave meaning to my life".

They don't realize that life is as meaningless

as the omelette you forgot on the frying pan.

Why do we fancy what we fancy?

Every night, I think of any one of the women

who disappeared from my life like a suitcase in a suspense thriller.

A dog is fiddling with a bone of the shape of Italy.

I am itching to quote Dante in this line

but can't remember a word of what he said.

For the whole day, I talked to carpenters,

and my maid into making better chapatis. Mother

urges me to find a wife. At the moment,

I can't even find the keys to my drawer.

The night sheds its bra-shaped skin.

Everything seems editable in retrospect.

Love, to hell with Facebook, remains unrequited.

You can buy Mihir's poetry book School of Age on Amazon and read an excerpt here. Publisher: Dhauli Books


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