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2 poems by Namrata Narendra

Art by Polykrovka Tatika

1. Wilderness

To sow is to set something in motion, to scatter upon the earth for growth. This season’s harvest has yielded a bounty of mistrust and misplaced priorities. ऊसर में बीज बोने से कुछ नहीं होता है endless furrows are ploughed, voices and dreams buried deep, branching into an intricacy transgressing decrees and demands; this too, in the words of Anne Carson is a miracle of mutual pressures. in this battle of development and decay, a seed is plenty to split a stone in two anchored by the radicle root – it’s power impervious to deracination by the very crevice that welcomed it.

2. A letter to myself

Spread even, your flesh against the gnarled roots- push against the carmine walls that caress you; you will learn to outgrow them. Drape around the trunk until one can’t tell where flesh stops and pulp begins. Breathe in carbon, breathe out oxygen Remind yourself that you are a symbiont; move branches to give, but do not forget to take support to lift yourself up to the sun and allow the sunlight to pervade, penetrate the earth you’re growing out of making visible the bodies that hold and nourish you Tame the blood coursing through your veins; move lightly, hear the whisper of the breeze it will rustle your foliage, find stillness in its motion. Breathe it in, breathe it out, breathe; and do not be afraid to ride the wind, for when you do,

wilderness will grow out of the feet you left behind

Namrata Narendra is an architect and illustrator oscillating between Mumbai and Bangalore. She captures her questions and inclinations dealing with cities, human behaviour

and politics through visuals and verse at


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