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2 poems by Prof. R.K.Singh

Gourmet Journey

To win elections

they sponsor chaos chanting

Modi, Modi

kill tongues that utter dissent

or oppose foolishness.

in the name of Ram

cow, love jehad, reform

close all windows

making dysfunctional

the holy Constitution

with small deities

watching periodic tango

pop up dinners

global collaboration

in newer territories

without money pouring in

dreams rise and sell

feet forward, mind backward

relishing lies of

gourmet journey

Blasphemy I've lived so many deaths

now I fear living

there's so much ruin

inside and around

no tattoos on breasts hide

the rusty cauldrons

none hear the raging fire voices multiply

the darkness of earth seems beyond verbal face

sun is stopped in temples stones explode in hands it's vain to dream a new picture of the world the viewless shapes of gods eternal twilight

it's no use flying so high the sky seems shattered

the city is haloed in saints' blasphemy

Read Prof. R.K.Singh's bilingual (English/Spanish) collection of poems Tainted With Prayers here.


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