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3 poems by Candice M. Ralph

Art by Candice M. Ralph


From wide-toothed combs


our deep tradition

of curls

coiling upwards

towards astral deities.

Matriarchs of sacred geometries

tracing ancient angles

into our sun-kissed scalps

salving cries with songs and shea,

plaiting us thick legends and epics.

Ancestral roots resilient

our fingers move

with dynastic dexterity

through memory


by loving motion.

Interwoven high

I invoke

the crowns

creating mine

ascending naturally

our springs,


Lullabying: A Nautical Nocturna

Cradled by melodic notes,

babes set sail

in downy boats.

Songs of stars that twinkle bright

hush their gale

of cries at night.

Mother’s voice steers them abroad

waves that trail

to land of Nod.

Sea Dream

Led by the tide of dusk in bed

her head begins to sink

into oceans

of aqua waves

and caves of coral pink.

Asleep, her feet become one fin

a skin of glossy scales

she meets inside

this sea of Nod

a pod of humpback whales.

Join us! they sing, and so she swims

their hymns sailing through sky

she wonders if

their songs will reach

the beach she now lives by.

Under the moon she makes a wish

on starfish twinkling bright

to drift within

this dream again

when day gives way to night.

Candice M. Ralph is a literary artist, a travelling storyteller, and a literacy educator. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from The University of Chicago and an MFA in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults from The New School. Currently, Candice is working in early childhood education and will soon be undertaking an English Teaching Assistantship in Taiwan as a Fulbright Grantee. She is also in the process of working with her literary agent on the publication of her first children's picture book. Follow her on Tumblr and Soundcloud.


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