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4 poems by Akanksha Arya

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Artwork by Lucian Freud

Silent tears flow,

When words fail.

Speak, if you will,

In a language 

I haven’t yet heard.

If you will.

For the color of your skin,

Today does not

Speak louder than

The dimple hidden in your cheek.


The slight of the pen on paper,

Seems stranger than fiction.

As your body gasps for air,

My breath trembles. 

And the pen with ink,

As thick as your blood, 

Will now flow dry.


Red blinking light, 

Speaks through the thick fog

Of your vomit on the floor.

And then the skin of your cheek,

Trembles... and then shakes.

Vehemently refusing the unwritten law,

Of feelings and candour.

Because today, my friend, 

You blinked like 

You’d never seen the red light. 


Pour some ice, if you will.

Some whiskey on it will bubble

And your eyebrows furrowed 

Will tremble


The weight of a barking dog

Screaming for the light.

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