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44 Sunsets: Sayali Goyal's Quarantine Sky Journal:

"My sky journal is a conversation with myself. 

It's about finding hope and seeing light in dark times. 

It's a documentation of going within.

It's about connecting with nature, observing, and finding beauty in smaller things" From the first day of quarantine in March 2020, I started to spend a lot of time on my balcony. I enjoyed evenings in spring; change in weather always gives me this feeling of something new is going to happen. I would watch birds, neighbors walk on their terraces, follow moon cycles, make color palettes of the sky and then paint them in my sketchbook. A romantic by nature, I always tried to decode cosmic messages. Some days, I would see sadness, some days, only hope. Some days, I felt the sky was teasing me, some days, it had despair. The sky kept my spirits alive. I remember the day it rained in April, I almost danced with joy. A sweet realization of how little I needed to be happy. 

Even though these evenings were by myself, I would share a photo each day on my Instagram and find it extremely satisfying to be able to connect with other lovers. This series became a ritual. I used to look forward to my evenings. Even though life seems to resume to normal now, I think of those times and many realizations about nature that it brought. These photos take me back to those feelings and thoughts that have a lot of peace and passion in them."

-Sayali Goyal

Follow Sayali Goyal on Instagram and check out her beautiful journal Cocoa and Jasmine here.


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