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A Non Person by Sweata Shukla

"I've always seen myself as 'nobody. For most of us, nobody means no one, but for me nobody embodies all forms of conscious and sub-conscious life forms in the universe. There's always an empty space inside us, which we want it to fulfill. You may see me, but what's inside of me is hollow. The hollow feeling which helps me to be more creative and keeps me motivated towards my creative pursuits. I remember when this feeling came, I was doing my internship, I reached early so was waiting outside my office. I started taking pictures of plants, streets, sky and then, that was the moment where I felt alive. It's true when you find your passion it does make you feel alive. And since then when I photograh and edit, I feel like for some time atleast that hollow feeling isn't there anymore. Most of my inspirations came from the movie 'Detachment'. It's like we're here for some reason, to make a difference, to find our passion, to see the world differently everyday."

-Sweata Shukla

Sweata Shukla, Exploring emotions behind photographs and observing the world differently everyday. Find her work on Instagram here and here.


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