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Lonely in Yangon by Ranesh Keswani

It's 4:00 AM in Yangon

And I'm on the balcony

of our Airbnb room

with only a cigarette

and the sounds

of a city sleeping

to keep me company

The honk of a lost car

The whistle of a night train

The hum of air conditioners

I add Knopfler singing

a Dylan song to the mix

to make myself feel

a little less lonely

I see a light on

in the living room

of an apartment

on the fourth floor

I can see a chair

through the window

Waiting patiently

Like a throne waits

to be claimed

by its rightful owner

I wish I had some of

the chair's patience

A solitary rooster crows

Loud enough to be heard

on the eleventh floor

Like me, he's impatient

for the dawn to break

The azaan from a mosque

joins the random symphony

followed by temple chants

Soon the city will stir back to life

And so will the living dead

And even if I still feel lonely

At least it'll be among crowds


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