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A Poem for All the Poems I Send to My Lover by Bhawna Jaimini

Photograph by Hayalin ve bir kadın

I always wanted to fall in love

With someone I can send poems to.

The sad poems, the happy poems

The pretentious poems, the poems

With an identity crisis, depressed poems

Bad poems written by good people

And good poems written by predators.

There is only so much your own poems

Can tell. Sometimes, only borrowed words

Can help you describe the shape of that one

Face you would want to see after your cat dies

And when that face walks away from you and

Your dead cat to walk the dog of a shiny new thing

In their neighbourhood, you can come back to your

Empty apartment and cry yourself to sleep after

Reading every poem you ever sent them.

You will realise there are poems that you will never

Be able to read without thinking about them.

Don’t read them for now. Let the poems reclaim

You slowly. They have a way of never leaving, you know?

While you wait, find a few poems which you can slowly

Unwrap from the memory of that afternoon

Spent trying to skip stones on a forgotten

Lake whose edges were lined with singe-use

Plastic bags. Once they are unwrapped, keep

Them safe for when the next one comes along.

That’s the beauty of poems written by other people.

They adapt quickly to the season of your heart.

Bhawna Jaimini is an architect, writer, and activist-in-making. You can follow her here


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