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A winter that’s not by Shruti Kulkarni

Art by Nandita Mukundan

A winter that’s not

I’ve never known the snowy winter that’s in the poems

or the winter that makes the news

the only winter I’ve known all my life

is an absence of it

a litany of all things that make it up

rosy cheeks, breath vapour and snug sweaters


I know it’s winter

when lone branches of the neem

remind me of how ajji looked –

a day after ajja’s death

the winter I know doesn’t have bonfires or stories

but I know its winter

when dad steals an hour from his morning to sleep

mom sips on an extra cup of tea

and I re-watch Manchester by the sea

winter in the south

is like the taste of an old lover in mouth

bittersweet, deprived and yet -

on most days

wistful enough

like winter itself

About the poet:

Shruti is a law student seeking to ground her love for literature in the quotidian. She enjoys staring at people and going for walks. You can find her on Instagram @kshruti315.

About the artist:

I am Nandita Mukundan, fashion designer and freelance illustrator based out of Kochi. Art has always been my favourite form of escapism, and I draw inspiration from things I see, watch and learn. Through my art I try to create layers of details that adds depth and ages the object or character. You can follow my work on Instagram @nandita.mukundan


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