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A Year in Waiting by Ekasmayi Naresh

Art by Hitaishi Gautam

A Year in Waiting

Profound it seemed,

That, which could be,

this year foretold

promising futures to me.

That I’d find my voice,

Act on my choice

and deservingly rejoice

the coming of age

of the one I want to be.

Labour laced this concoction

pouring into pre-existing moulds

making me fit better

tempered by turbulence

stretched to seek solvency

amidst sinking streams

I took it all, not unflinchingly

inoculations against ignorance

to meet myriad manifestations

of a more mature self.

Run riot did these turning tides

clean me tidy

of my last reluctant rind

more keen and capable of learning,

acquiring from everythings’ court,

absorbing astutely like sediments

of shale by the river rushing

All for a higher calling,

an I, who’d be worthy of my honour.

The jury’s still out on this metamorphosis

or is it hung, to honour the perceptible paralysis?

I did not rise like a phoenix

nor burst forth like a beast

Instead of starring atop the Christmas tree,

I fear the boxed up, tinsels-for-a-tomorrow

is what has become of me.

Maybe there’s nothing of mine to write of

I consumed all the precipitants

but the awaited explosion of the extraordinary

still stands

I imagined my rise, a dancing firework display

and a deafening shatter, to come with my fall,

but inspired by indifference,

I evolve into an existence with nothing at all.

About the poet:

I am Ekasmayi Naresh. Following my undergraduate studies at Christ University, Bangalore, and my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at MAHE, Manipal, I am currently working as a therapist and researcher in the field of mental health. In my world away from work, I devote my time to writing. I primarily dabble in poetry, giving prose an occasional spin, when it suits my fancy. I am a regular contributor to the online magazine, The RipTide and the literary journal, ChaiCopy. As an inveterate lover of poetry, I am in awe of the power of words to create and collapse meaning.

About the artist:

I am Hitaishi Gautam and my medium of paint is mainly water-colour. I am from Siliguri, West Bengal. I try to paint as much as I can but haven’t been very active in a while. This particular piece came from a picture I saw on tumblr a long time ago. I loved the monochromatic feel of the picture so I try to paint my own rendition of it. You can find me on Instagram @hita__hita and @hitaishi.g

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Jan 10, 2022

Ekasmayi Naresh, such a beautifully written piece.

I also loved a line in your bio, 'As an inveterate lover of poetry, I am in awe of the power of words to create and collapse meaning'.

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