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Abandon by Sunanda Pati

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

I assure you of one truth, Which stands by like tall wind Through short trees that don't care.  Of films we have seen,  Of pictures we have painted,  Of love we have made, The truth frames the fear Of leaving more than loving.  That thing which you call The syndrome of one - footedness, A mess of one foot and another,  In different boats, a surefire sign Of slipping through the middle,  Disappearing into thin air.  The fear sits, a whispered drawl From your mouth to mine,  God knows who will speak first,  And break to leave the door Through a foggy state drifting Through half-beliefs conniving.  The truth is I'll abandon you, If you lift a finger and snatch  What is mine to take, If my love is crushed under steady feet I will use my unsteadiness  To leave first so that the truth Sinks in faster than the messy feet.  Just so you know fear can  Move mountains and sail ships. 

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