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An ode to The Alipore Post

I was drawn to you because

You have made me sit downIn quiet contemplation of the things gone by By bringing to life my greatest and my worst fears and of course, the things to come. You have made me realize that the world seems so much like me. Though only in the form of some wonderful poems. When The Alipore Post comes in, Time stops and I get taken to a time which I only used to remember. It makes me look through a window to the outside world. I look forward to The Alipore Post more than I would the BBC. It brings out the real issues in our world and doesn't flood its space with details of an amazing actress getting her Prince in a dapper suit. It makes me think about the things I really need to think And generates a whole new perspective of thinking to the analytical side, I already seemed to be used to. So on this day, I would like to thank, The Alipore Post for making the world stop and stare for a moment, One Tiny Letter at a time.

Thank you for writing this, you lovely person who only wants to be known as "BIG FAN OF THE ALIPORE POST". Much love! :)


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