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Anatomy of a Graveyard on a Winter Afternoon by Pritha Jain

Art by Léon Cogniet

the universe is a single

mother to more children she can send to bed, happy;

she does not have time for scraped knees

and fallen baby teeth, anymore


but in frostbitten cemeteries on winter afternoons;

the ground blooms into a paper ceiling

over a world of disappearing flesh and bone

winning a war against a dark eternity


the underworld bursts into celebration

when days drenched in honey fuel it's auburn fire,

and for a split second, nobody in the world is aware of the gravity

of fire and ice intertwining


which is to say,

when life and death make love over wet gravel;

the world morphs into a blank canvas,

frayed at the edges and specks of charcoal and marblestone linger over it,

like the aftermath of a star exploding

About the poet: Pritha Jain is a seventeen summers old, science student, who fights things that make her uncomfortable by writing poems about them. To delve deeper into the world of this poet(-in-progress?), head to You can also find her on Instagram @pr.iiiii


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