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Angry Winter (W)rap by Harshala Gupte

Photograph by Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Angry Winter (W)rap

Ya see what I did there? ‘Cuz ain’t no-one

stay funny when God drop December, babe.

Like why the world see-sawing from the (A)

Alone to (B) Horny? Puh-lease explain.

Like why you rhymin’ about - the day

so short and night so dark? I GOT eyeballs,

that hurt when poem’s got no beat! Like try-

ti-tum ti-tum

ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum

Sound’s called iamb. It make the metre roll.

And that’s what Poe was poppin’ when he go-

“The love of years

is wasted like the snow”

His sadness sick with structure, yo.

Like I ain’t flippin’ on ya for expressin’.

By ol’ means go Maddona, bro!

But find place else to shove ‘em METAPHORS.

Like ROBERT ya can’t write about no FROST.

You from Bombay! The only snow you know

be meltin’ in yo’ refrigerator!

Dang, HOW did yo’ emotions catch a cold?

Stop looting words from dead poets’ piggy.

Fosho you special Doe, but no snowflake

if you think to have invented heartbreak,

over a mild windy winter’s Sunday.

But Monday come, you Nobakov! Whippin’

verses like- she kindled my fire, my desire;

that kept us warm all through the storm!

Say, SHE? Right swipe after a dawg dry spell.

Say, SHE. My dentist who I follow on the gram.

Now SHE also the light of your life and,

the fire of your frickin’ loins!

Now YOU in love, and I uncomfortable.


Note: All the stanzas have been written in iambic pentameters, save the lines 8,9 and 12,13 for a greater poetic effect. I want people to know that poetry is SO much more vast than just subjects of love and loss. So here is something eccentric, something unusual. Hope you like it! :)

About the poet:

Harshala Gupte was born and raised in the mad city of Mumbai, which she believes taught her the first lessons in culture and poetry. Her fascination is with telling common-day stories with nuances that make each one of them, extra-ordinary. No, she doesn't need a big bad breakup to write poetry. Her day job is of a brand strategist, which takes up most of her nights too. But as long as she gets to play with words and reach out to people, all's swell. The Boy in the Cupboard is her first children’s book. Besides, she flirts a li'l with poems and picture books. She is on Instagram @awkward_escapist


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