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Anpu Varkey's Summer Children

"Summer's Children, the graphic book, was published in 2019 and it took me two years to complete. This book is about memory and loss, as well as an ode to a Kerala summer. The story unfolds through a day, and this timeline was important in situating the tale. I wanted it to feel like an endless summer day, and how time seems unworn and meditative, since the beauty of the place was so captivating.

I wanted the book to resemble an old grainy movie, and to achieve this I did the entire book in pointillism. Memories are often hazy and this style seemed to befit the mood I wanted for the book. Just as I encountered the space with an active imagination, I’ve tried to recreate the same from memory. There are no words exchanged. I made a story board for half the book and rest was done impromptu, I got better at creating the effect and I knew how to unravel it. I didn’t redo a single page; it would have taken an eternity, if I had sat back to scrutinize it all. The process was lengthy enough, taking weeks to finish a page and it was hard not feel the lethargy. I would dream of dots and dot making, piling up like an unresolved labyrinth."

-Anpu Varkey

Order a copy of Summer's Children here. Follow Anpu on Instagram @anpusan


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